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Turnpike – ‘A road maintained with money paid by those who travel along it’


Cultivating Change

The Turnpike Press is an independent, ethical non-fiction publisher. We publish books that encourage positive social change. Our books are collectively sponsored by those who share our vision of a simpler, more peaceful, equal, honest and sustainable world.

In 1675 Sir Edwin Rich gave £200 to improve the road that passes our door. As one of Britain’s first toll roads, it was then maintained by those who paid to travel along it. The Turnpike Press follows that tradition to enable our authors and readers to reach their goals.

The world of publishing is fast evolving and increasingly difficult to navigate. We strive to seamlessly blend editorial integrity with commercial reality. Our experience is that if you wish to see a book published that supports a cause you believe in, others will support you and it will happen.


‘Why not share your vision for a better world with us and let’s travel the road together’?


What We Publish

There are a number of strong themes that we believe lend themselves to our approach. These include:

  • The growing trend towards self-employment, particularly later in life
  • The changing face of the public sector, with new ways evolving to meet social need
  • The increasing number of, particularly young, people, experiencing mental health problems
  • The challenges presented by our increasingly diverse population

We are open to your ideas, but there are a few areas we would definitely not touch. These include anything contrary to our goal of creating a more peaceful, equal, honest and sustainable world.