I Know Someone Like That

I Know Someone Like That


By Robert Ashton

Signed Copy

Read this book and no one will ever seem normal to you again!

Gain a unique insight into the lives 32 ordinary people who all live in Norfolk UK. They are living proof that although they may pass each other in the street, they each live in a very different world.

Each has seen their life shaped by the prejudices and opinions of others. From the respectable farmer's son who became a drug addict then a therapist, to the male bus driver who became a woman.

This book shows you how people you might encounter in the aisles of your local supermarket may have survived genocide, been sexually abused or simply defied their parents to follow their heart and drop out of a corporate career.

Describe anyone you've just met to a friend and they'll often say, I know someone like that!

See how many people you know are like the people interviewed in this book.

The publisher is donating half the profits from the sale of this book to a campaign that is fighting stigma. www.stuffstigma.org

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