Cultivate Contentment. How to keep your staff happy, positive and well-motivated

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Cultivate Contentment

How to keep your staff happy, positive and well-motivated

by Richard Shepherdson



For 23 years Richard Shepherdson worked as a teacher. For many of those he worked with children who had been excluded from the mainstream because of physical, mental or behavioural problems. He also had responsibility for the emotional health and wellbeing of his colleagues. This experience, together with spending the last six years as a professional mediator, helping organisations resolve workplace conflict, has given him a unique insight into the importance of cultivating workforce contentment.

Why contentment is so important:

  • 33% of Head Teachers find recruiting and retaining good teachers a ‘major problem’
  • Teacher training courses are undersubscribed, with some 1,800 places unfilled each year
  • An increasing number of teachers are leaving the profession
  • Stress is an increasing problem in schools and a growing reason for staff absence

Reading this book will help you

  • Understand what motivates people & how to influence the way they see their role
  • Gain an insight into empathy & appreciate the value of emotional health
  • Know how to defuse tension & strengthen professional relationships
  • Become better able to resolve conflict, both internally & with other organisations
  • The book provides a set of powerful tools that can rapidly and measurably improve emotional health and professional relationships within any organisation.

The book has ten sections

  • About people & what being human really means
  • The theory & practice of motivation
  • Why we care & how to reconcile empathy with personal ethics & organisational goals
  • Proactive listening & how giving others voice can be so revealing
  • How to manage teams to become self-leading & collectively effective
  • Why managing emotional health can boost morale & reduce staff sickness
  • Tension in the staffroom & how to creatively focus it for the common good
  • Where to draw the line between professional & personal relationships
  • How to effectively mediate when tension escalates
  • What to do when all else has failed & you need to act quickly

Publication is planned for late February 2018 Cover price £14.75 (e-book £9.99)

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