The Human Toolbox. Operating Manual & Parents’ Guide



The Human Toolbox

Operating Manual & Parents’ Guide

by Lindy Wheeler



Lindy is a psychotherapist who spent 15 years working in schools helping young people make sense of their lives. The Human Toolbox is packed with the tools and techniques she has successfully used with young people, their teachers and parents.

The book is in two halves. One way up it is an illustrated operating manual written for young people. Open from the other end and it is a practical guide for parents struggling to help their son or daughter.

Increasing numbers of young people are finding it difficult to cope and their mental health is suffering as a result. This book will help those who are struggling, and help all readers to become more resilient and balanced.

Improving the mental health of young people requires partnership between parents or teachers and the young people themselves. This book helps both see things as they really are. The Human Toolbox will help combat the growing problem of poor child and adolescent mental health.

Why this book is so important

  • More and more young people are suffering poor mental health
  • There are just 1,459 CAHMS beds in England; not enough to go round.
  • Suicide has replaced accident as the biggest killer of under 18s
  • Schools are struggling to cope with this growing problem.
  • Reading this book will help you:
  • Understand why you feel as you do, be you a parent or young person.
  • Gain an insight into how the human brain works.
  • Develop techniques that will improve your resilience and wellbeing.
  • Become more empathic and supporting of those around you

Specifically, this book will help young readers to

  • Form and maintain relationships.
  • Become less fearful, anxious and better able to soothe and calm anxiety
  • Confront difficult feelings - avoiding the harmful distractions often used to take the pain away.
  • Grow their sense of self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Break the cycle of behaviour that can make them explosive one minute, implosive and anxious the next.
  • Feel less exhausted, demotivated and become more optimistic.
  • Become better at retaining information and feeling capable and confident.
  • Develop aspiration and ambition.

Publication is planned for late February 2018 Cover price £14.75 (e-book £9.99)

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