The Human Toolbox. Operating Manual & Parents’ Guide

Lindy is a psychotherapist who spent 15 years working in schools helping young people make sense of their lives. The Human Toolbox is packed with the tools and techniques she has successfully used with young people, their teachers and parents.The book is in two halves. One way up it is an illustrated operating manual written for young people. Open from the other end and it is a practical guide for parents struggling to help their son or daughter.

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Cultivate Contentment. How to keep your staff happy, positive and well-motivated

For 23 years Richard Shepherdson worked as a teacher. For many of those he worked with children who had been excluded from the mainstream because of physical, mental or behavioural problems. He also had responsibility for the emotional health and wellbeing of his colleagues. This experience, together with spending the last six years as a professional mediator, helping organisations resolve workplace conflict, has given him a unique insight into the importance of cultivating workforce contentment.

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