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A book without readers is like a bus without passengers


Get Published

Perhaps you want to write a book that shows people a new way to do things. Perhaps you have first-hand experience of inhumanity and want people to understand how they can help. Or perhaps you work with a group who collectively, want their stories to be read.

The major publishing houses will probably not be interested, unless that is you are already well known and your book will sell thousands. Self-publishing is an option, but with it comes the real possibility of disappointment. And the world is full of vanity publishers willing to take your money and do little in return.

Our approach is different. We will work with you to clearly define the difference your book is going to make in the world. We will help you identify organisations that can benefit from the change your book will encourage. Then together, we will win their support in the shape of advance orders.

Once your book is in production we will work with you to make sure it gets reviewed by the right people, noticed in the right places and work alongside you to market your book. After all, we both want to see it succeed. We operate on an ‘open book’ basis and will agree with you the royalties we will pay.

Finally, our editorial integrity is important to us. We only publish books that have a purpose we can support. Your book has to catch our attention first!