Turnpike Press has now truly launched

These copies of our first book, by Craig Dearden-Phillips, sold like hot cakes at the book's London launch last night. Some of the best known leaders in the social sector were present; many feature in the book.

Norman Lamb MP spoke to say how important it is for new leaders of charities and social enterprises to learn from the experience of others. The book is already selling well on Amazon with some very flattering reviews already posted.

Unusually for me, I stayed at the back as it was very much my author Craig's evening. But it was the launch of Turnpike Press's first book and so a special evening for me too. I set up Turnpike Press to give voice to those who have important messages to deliver.


We have a unique business model. Each book is sponsored, with the sponsor repaid once the book starts to sell. The partnership between publisher, sponsor and author is important. It makes sure that the books we publish truly do deserve to be read.

Our strapline is 'cultivating change,' and that is exactly what we started last night. Readers will be inspired, encouraged and I hope become better able to succeed in their own social ventures.

We already have other books in the pipeline, each carrying powerful messages that can encourage positive social change. It's an exciting time.

Follow the link and you too can play your part in changing the world!

Carl ByrneComment