10,000 hours

In his book ‘Outliers’ Malcolm Gladwell calculated that you need do put in 10,000 hours to any activity before you can claim ‘world class expertise.’  I’ve had 19 books published so far, which certainly means I’ve put the hours in.



But being a good writer is no guarantee of getting published. The big publishing houses only want books that will sell in volume, and too many authors fall victim to vanity publishers, who take your money and deliver you a book that never sells.

Turnpike Press is going to be different. Books will only go into production when we’re confident they’ll be read. Most will be sponsored by organisations that recognise the impact the published book will have.

Our first title is in production and two more books are already winning the support they need. Finding sponsorship is not just about funding production. Sponsors also understand the need and bring objectivity that can help our authors focus.


Carl Byrne